How to catheterize a male dog


Materials required:

*Sterile gloves

*Antibacterial solution

*Sterile lubricant

*Foley catheter (red rubber catheter is suitable for small animals)

*Sterile water (for Foley catheter balloon expansion)

*Urine collection system

*± Sedation

*± Sterile saline irrigation, if the animal needs to push the urethral stone back to the bladder

Step 1:

Let the sedated animal lie on its side and expose its penis.

Do not hold the base of the foreskin tightly, as it may block the urethra and prevent the catheter from entering the urethra.

Step 2:

Clean the urethral opening with an antibacterial solution.

If Foley catheter has not been installed with catheter needle, the catheter needle should be installed in the catheter before placing the catheter. Sterile saline was injected into the catheter; This allows the catheter needle to enter with less resistance, and can be easily removed after intubation.

Step 3:

Lubricate the end of the catheter with sterile lubricant and insert the catheter into the urethra. Hold near the end to help the catheter enter the urethra more easily.

Step 4:

Observe the urine flowing out of the catheter to confirm that the catheter is in the bladder, and then use sterile water to inflate Foley's balloon.

The volume of sterile water injected is marked on the side of the distal end of the catheter.


Step 5:

Pull the catheter toward the distal end until it is tight, making sure that the balloon is correctly placed in the bladder neck/proximal urethra.

Step 6:

Connect the catheter and syringe, empty the bladder and collect urine for analysis.

Step 7:

The catheter is connected to a sterile closed urine collection system.

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