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12 Inch LCD Display screen Portable Notebook Ultrasound 96 Element Equipped with Linear Convex Micro
  • 96
  • Black and White


High-frequency beam-former to ensure best resolution of the image

Whole-course real-time continuous dynamic focusing and aperture obtains high-resolution and

picture in picture in

Super professional software packages to have the scanner widely used in Obstetrics

Gynecoloyg,Urology, Cardiology ,Small parts

Screen Size: 12 inch color LCD

Display Mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B

Frequency 2.5~8.0 MHz

Scan Depth: 40-240mm, adjustable

Built-in Memory: 64 images

Internal Rechargeable Battery Supplying


Standard Configuration:

3W-2000 Main Unit

R50/3.5MHz Convex Probe

Internal Battery

Cine Loop: ≥500 frames

Peripheral Port: Video output/USBPort/VGA Port

Power Supply: AC110V~240V,50Hz/60Hz

Application Software:For Obstetrics ,Gynecology,

Urology,Cardiology and other small parts

R50/3.5MHz Convex Probe  2.5-5.0MHz

R40/7.5MHz Linear Probe    6.5-8.5MHz

R20/5.0MHz Micro-convex Probe  4.5-5.5MHz

R10/6.5MHz Rectal Probe    5.0-7.5MHz

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