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Screw Removal Kit Fixation Removal Kit Orthopedic Surgical Instrument Bone Hammer Bone Crushing Tools Curved Bowel forceps Straight Bowel forceps Bowel forceps Bowel Clamps Cropping Guide Clamp Dog Ear Cropping Tool Dog Ear Cropping Guide Set Bone File Orthopedic Surgical Instruments Dog Ear Cropping Guide Clamps Dog Ear Cropping Ear Cropping Bone Chisels Orthopedic Straight Flat Chisel Suture Practice Model Silicone Module Acupuncture Module Extracting Forceps Upper Jaw Forceps Lower Jaw Forceps Universal Forceps Dental Blind Intubation Tube Rabbits Cats Tracheal Intubation Cat Blind Intubation Tube Tweezers Dressing Forceps Hemostatic Forceps Vascular Forcep Medical Surgical Surgical Blade Sterile Surgical Blade Carbon Steel Scalpel Blade Bone Curette Orthopedic Curettes Periosteal Stripper Periosteal Raspatory Elevator Bone Drill Electric Power Bone Drill Sympathectomy Hook Nerve Root Dissector Surgical Hollow Drill Electric Power Core Drill Hollow Drill Kirschner Wire cutter bone pin cutter Needle Holder Needle Holding Forceps Kirschner Wire Bender Wires Pin Bender Orthopedics Surgery Instruments Orthopedic Wires Medical Wire Medical Cerclage Wire Steel Wire Passers Orthopedic Surgery Instruments Wire Guide Kerrison Rongeurs Up Bite Orthopedic Instruments Rongeurs Kirschner Extension Bows Wire Tightener Orthopedic Double Jointed Rongeur Double Action Bone Rongeur Orthopedic surgical instruments Bone Tap T Handle Flat Nose Pliers K-wire Pliers Wire Cutters Kirschner Cutting Bone Pin Cutter up Kirschner Pin Cutter Cutter Medical Headligh Surgery Headlamp Bone Holding Forceps Bone Reduction Forceps Crab Pliers Bone Holding Clamps Bone Holding Forceps Three Prong Bone Holder Double Ended Curettes Orthopaedic Volkmann Bone Curette Oval Bone Curette Round Traction Tongs U-shaped Skull Tong Skull Tong with Pins Verbrugge Bone Forceps Self Centering Bone Holding Forceps Traction Bow Kirschner Traction Bow Orthopedics Traction Bow Orthopedic Chisel Osteotome Straight Bone Osteotome Backhaus Towel Clamp Towel Pliers Veterinary Forceps Gelpi Retractor Self-Retaining Retracto Plate Holding Forceps Orthopedic Surgery Bone Drill Charger Orthopedic Bone Drill Battery Charger Lithium Battery Charger Reduction Forceps Orthopedic Bone Holding Forceps

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